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Bed Sheets

Our range of waterproof bedsheets and protectors have been carefully chosen to maintain dignity and hygiene while ensuring you experience a good night's sleep.

We are proud to stock Kylie, Conni, Care Quip & Minappi products. These quality Australian brands have created a range of effective, comfortable and high-quality mattress protectors, bed sheets and absorbent pads.

Browse our range below and order online at the lowest prices. We offer fast courier delivery and ongoing after-sales support. 

We can provide a quote and/or invoice for organisations, as well as bulk pricing on some product lines. 


Choosing the right Bedsheets / Protectors for you

Choosing the right type of Bedsheet or Protector gives you the confidence to sleep at night without worry. Mattresses are generally expensive to buy, while fluids, unfortunately, present the most significant risk to the mattress. Our range of bedsheets and absorbent protectors are therefore perfect for ensuring your valuable mattress is protected day and night.

Sheet or Protector

Waterproof sheets provide a simple, yet effective protective layer between the client and the bed. In the event of an accident, the sheet will protect the mattress below. It will not, however, absorb the liquid which may spread out across the sheet and leave the client feeling uncomfortable.

To solve this problem, you may choose to purchase an absorbent protector. These are designed to quickly absorb any liquid and prevent it from spreading across the sheet. They are much more comfortable. Many also include additional padding.


Both sheets and protectors are available in a wide range of sizes. Make sure you choose the correct size for your bed.


Our range of waterproof bedsheets and protectors come in a wide variety of waterproof materials. Nylon, PVC, and Silicon are all commonly used in the construction of waterproof sheets. If you have any specific allergies, carefully check the materials before purchasing.

Absorbent sheets require a little extra care due to the absorbent nature of the material. Contact with creams, lotions, oils, or talcum can lead to a reduction in absorbency, so be careful not to let these substances come into contact with the sheet.