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Wheelchair Pressure Cushions

A quality wheelchair cushion is an essential item for a comfortable ride, especially if you or your client requires pressure relief.

Browse our large range of wheelchair pressure cushions from the leading Australian brands. 

When you order with Breeze Mobility you'll join over 6500 happy customers Australia-wide. We offer low prices and fast courier delivery, along with good old fashioned customer service and after-sales support.

Finding the Right Wheelchair Pressure Cushions for You

Wheelchair cushions are made from a range of materials. Over the years, scientists have developed advanced modern materials that are comfortable and reduce pressure. When choosing a cushion, you should consider a number of factors.


The choice of filling in the cushion will have a significant impact on the feeling the client will experience. Whether using air-filled cells, modern polymers, or memory foams, the designers all have one aim in common – reducing pressure on the client. Our team of Product Experts are available to guide you towards the most comfortable cushion for you.

Cover Material

The choice of cover material will determine how the cushion feels to sit on. Look out for breathable materials. Waterproof cushions are also a good idea, particularly if the chair will be used outside.


Make sure you order a cushion that properly fits the size of your Wheelchair. The product dimensions are presented on each product detail page.