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Fall Alarms & Sensor Mats

Our range of Fall alarms and Sensor Mats are TGA Registered and approved, and come from quality Australian brands.

Designed to be used in the home, care facility or hospital environment these quality fall alarms / sensor mats are a popular choice for additional peace of mind. Browse our range below or call our team on 1300 557 341 and we'll help you find a product that's right for your / your clients needs (bulk discounts maybe available)

Choosing the right Fall Alarms & Sensor Mats for you

Fall Alarms have a number of features available. Remember to check each of the following when choosing an alarm:

Shape & Size

Fall Alarms & Sensor Mats come in a range of shapes and sizes. The two common shapes are square or rectangular. Rectangular sensors provide protection for the full length of the bed.


Options are available for mains or battery-powered alarm units. Battery-powered units include a handy low battery warning to ensure interruption-free operation.

Nurse call integration

When fitting in a hospital environment, you may wish to consider integrating the pads to the nurse call system. This will mean the on-call nurse will be alerted immediately in the event of a fall.

Alarm tones

Alarm tones are normally configurable to ensure carers can quickly identify which alarm has been triggered.