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Forearm Support Walkers

Our range of forearm support walkers, from leading Australian brands, are perfect for people who need extra stability and support while walking. Take a closer look at our best-selling products below...

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Forearm walkers are designed to incorporate one's forearms and upper body weight to guide movement. With its sturdy, durable frame, and forearm rests, these walkers are highly useful for individuals with balance issues, poor grip strength, and for bariatric users.

The ergonomically designed cushioned rests, alleviates pressure at the correct points. This allows the individual to use the walker for extended durations without  experiencing pain and fatigue

When choosing forearm walkers, consider the following factors:

  • Adjustability: Forearm gutter height, hand grip placement and height of frame must be adjustable, to individual body requirements, so that faulty body mechanics can be avoided.
  • Comfort: Units must have cushioned forearm gutters and hand grips, for optimal pressure distribution during extended use.
  • Swivel castors: Some units have all 4 swivel castors to allow for easy maneuvering of the unit. Others have plastic gliders in the rear. Choose your unit based on your ability to control and direct the unit.
  • Reinforced frame: Check the manufacturer's weight recommendations for selecting units best suited to your body structure.