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Australia's Leading Mobility Aid Supplier


Our range of crutches is carefully designed to provide you with the support you need to move around independently.

All our crutches are constructed to the highest Australian Standards and sourced from long-standing Australian suppliers. Whether you are a private individual, hospital, or other care organisation, we are here to cater for all your mobility needs.

Give our team of mobility experts a call right now on 1300 557 341 to discuss which set of crutches is best for you.

Finding the Right Crutches for You

The most common need for crutches is during recovery from surgery or injury. If your doctor has advised you to take the strain off, a pair of crutches may be necessary. Some hospitals will provide you with a set of crutches to borrow during the recovery. In contrast, others may be hesitant due to the number of crutches that are never returned! Whatever the situation, we have a comprehensive range of crutches for any situation.


There are two main types of crutches – elbow crutches, and underarm crutches. Your doctor will usually determine the choice of which to use. In recent years elbow crutches have become more common. There are still some situations, however, where underarm crutches are better. At Breeze Mobility, we stock both elbow and underarm crutches to cover all eventualities.