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Transfer Boards & Slide Sheets

Our range of transfer boards and slide sheets are designed to help make transfers, lifts and manual handling tasks safer and easier.

We only stock the tried & tested products from the best Australian, USA and UK brands, and we are proud to supply transfer boards, lifting devices and slide sheets to health professionals, hospitals, care organisations and individuals throughout Australia.

If you need any support or guidance in choosing the most appropriate product for your clients / patients please call our product specialists on 1300 557 341.

  • Large Slide Sheet SMSS1 by SAFETY & MOB
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    Large Slide Sheet

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    Used to help prevent manual handling injuries and to reduce the need for lifting. Slide sheet is folded over and placed under the client, and top s...

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Slide Sheets, Transfer Boards, and Stretchers – What is the difference?
There are many ways of moving patients between beds and chairs. The choice of aid will depend on several factors such as the size of the patient, their level of mobility, and the caring team. To prevent injury and uncomfortable transfers the right aid must be chosen for the situation.

Slide Sheets
Slide sheets allow a clients to be moved by sliding them on a special sheet. These sheets have low friction inner surfaces that make a move quick and easy without straining the carers.

Transfer Boards
Transfer boards are often used in conjunction with slide sheets to help move a client from one surface to another. They are typically used when moving between a bed and a chair, or stretcher by bridging the gap. A transfer board is not designed for lifting the client between surfaces.

Unlike transfer boards, stretchers are designed to carry the weight of the client/patient. They will typically incorporate strong handles and require several staff to handle correctly.