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Lift Chairs

Have difficulty getting up from regular chairs? Use a lift chair!

Take a closer look at our range of high-quality lift chairs from a range of selected brands, all available for delivery direct to your door or care facility Australia-wide. 

Can't find the lift chair you are looking for? Talk to our mobility experts on 1300 557 341 and we can usually source a chair to suit you / your clients requirements. 

  • Evac+Chair EC098 by SAFETY & MOB
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    Safety & Mobility


    Original Price $2,599.00
    Current Price $2,450.00

    Evac+Chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency without the need for physical strength or lifting. Th...

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While similar to your standard reclining chairs, lift chairs have an additional feature. The chairs feature a lifting system to help people easily transition from a sitting to a standing position. This is useful for individuals having difficulty transitioning due to restrictions in mobility or balance issues.

Lift chairs are user-friendly, and are operated via a remote, adjusting your chair to different angles and elevations to give you maximum comfort.

Available in different sizes and designs, lift chairs are a cozy space where you can be comfortable and relax. Browse through our collection, to identify a model that is perfect for your needs. 

When choosing lift chairs think of:

  • Sizes: Choose from a standard small, medium or large size. Bariatric users must consider the seat height and depth.
  • Recliner position: Choose from different recliner positions like 2 position recliner, flat position or infinite position recliners based on your needs and abilities.
  • Fabric: You can select between a standard semi-stain fabric or synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is resistant to heat and cold, and can be easily cleaned in case of spills or incontinence.
  • Additional features: Some units have additional features like heat and massage, which is useful for individuals with stiff, sore joints, arthritis and back pain.