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Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Find your freedom with our large range of high-quality Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Our Product Experts have carefully evaluated the best Self-Propelled Wheelchairs on the market, and we are proud to present our shortlist below. With over 20 of the best wheelchairs from the leading brands in Australia and around the world there's sure to be a wheelchair that suits you and your mobility requirements. 

If you are not sure which wheelchair is right for you our Product Specialists are just a phone call away. So, whether you are looking to buy your first Wheelchair, or are a seasoned hospital buyer, call us on 1300 557 241 for honest, open advice.

Finding the Right Self-Propelled Wheelchair for You

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs are the most common type of Wheelchair, and what most people think of when they picture a wheelchair. These versatile chairs can be propelled either by the client using their hands or by a carer pushing on the rear handles. Several features help set the chairs apart:


Wheelchair frames typically come in one of two materials – Steel and Aluminium. Steel chairs are strong, robust, but usually quite heavy. Aluminium chairs, on the other hand, are generally significantly lighter and easier to handle and manoeuvre when empty. Frames are often painted, so make sure you choose a colour you will enjoy traveling around town in. As well as the frame itself a variety of materials and plastics are used to construct the seat, handles, foot straps, and cushions. The choice of these materials very much depends on personal preference. If you need help choosing the best materials for you, remember to call our trusty product specialists for personal advice.


A correctly sized wheelchair is essential for both comfort and safety. When choosing a chair, make sure the size and weight limits are suitable. If you are at all unsure about how to measure your size, give our friendly Product Specialists a call for advice. As well as ensuring your new chair fits you, also check that it will fit inside your vehicle.