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Tilt Recline

Our range of Tilt Recline wheelchairs are ideal for people who spend a lot of time in their wheelchair or who need additional comfort / pressure relief. 

We've found the best tilt recline wheelchairs from Australia's leading brands. All of them are comfortable, multi-adjustable and built-to-last. 

At Breeze Mobility we are proud to offer quality mobility aids delivered direct to your door / organisation at competitive prices. We provide ongoing after-sales support to all customers. 

Personalised quotes / invoices available on request. Please call our product specialists on 1300 557 441 if you have any questions or need further information. 

Finding the Right Tilt Recline Wheelchair for You

Tilt Recline Wheelchairs are both incredibly comfortable, and good for the clients posture. The chair can be adjusted throughout the day as required to ensure pressure distribution is even.

Weight and manoeuvrability

Compared to regular Wheelchairs, Tilt Recline chairs are significantly heavier and slightly larger. Serious thought, therefore, must be given as to where you plan to use the chair. If you plan to take the chair with you in the car, you may have to consider a modified vehicle that is designed for the chair to wheel in and remains occupied for the duration of the journey.

Tilt angles

Tilt Recline Wheelchairs are designed to be adjusted to provide an even distribution of pressure. The angles required to achieve this will vary depending on the client. Before purchasing a Tilt Recline wheelchair, you may wish to discuss individual requirements with your Doctor or Physiotherapist. Our team of mobility experts are also available to have a chat and provide advice based on their many years of experience.