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Wheelchair Ramps & More...

Wheelchair Ramps are required wherever there is a change in level that wheelchairs need to navigate.

Unfortunately, not all buildings have permanent wheelchair ramps built-in. Our range of strong, portable ramps are, therefore, perfect for ensuring your entry is never restricted.

Whether you need a compact, lightweight folding ramp, a semi-permanent ramp, or a rollout ramp, you are sure to find a suitable wheelchair ramp from our carefully chosen range of reliable Australian brands.

To discuss the options available and which will be most suitable for your needs, call our expert team on 1300 557 341.

Types of wheelchair ramp
There are two common styles of temporary wheelchair ramp – folding, and roll-up. Folding ramps are the most common. Many people prefer them due to the flat shape and space they occupy when folded.

If regular wheelchair access is required, you may wish to consider installing one of our aluminium ramps on a more permanent basis.

Wheelchair ramps come in a range of materials. Common materials include aluminium, fibreglass, and carbon fibre. All are designed to be lightweight and compact. Anti-slip surfaces help to give some further peace of mind, particularly in wet weather. Also, look out for raised edges – this will prevent the chair from sliding off the edge.

Australian Standards
All our wheelchair ramps comply with the strictest Australian Standards. Never attempt to try and save money by knocking together a ramp using cheap materials.