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Mobility Rollators / Seat Walkers

older lady with 4 wheeled seat walker

Browse our extensive range of high-quality mobility seat walkers and rollators from the leading brands in Australia. We offer the lowest prices & fast delivery direct to your door Australia-wide (delivery is heavily discounted & often FREE!).

We are proud to be an NDIS Registered Provider.

We are confident you'll find the 3 or 4 wheeled seat-walker or rollator that's perfect for your mobility needs. If you need any help please call our friendly team on 1300 557 341. 

  • ALPHA 428 ROLLATOR by Quintro Health Care
    ALPHA 428 ROLLATOR Red 57025 by Quintro Health Care
    Save $24.00
    Quintro Health Care

    Alpha 428 Rollator

    Original Price $393.00
    Current Price $369.00

    ALPHA 428 ROLLATOR The Alpha 428 walker with its 8 inch solid tyre wheels is a great option for everyday use to help support your mobility particul...

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  • ALPHA 317 ROLLATOR by Quintro Health Care
    ALPHA 317 ROLLATOR Red 57007 by Quintro Health Care
    Quintro Health Care

    Alpha 317 Rollator


    This tri walker is a super light weight aluminium frame which has adjustable handles to make your life easy when walking around. It comes with a st...

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How to Choose a Mobility Walker / Rollator

Large range of Bariatric Walkers now available.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a seat walker or rollator. These factors depend on your weight, height, mobility needs and personal preferences.

Adjustable Handles: Many models allow you to adjust the height of the handles to suit different people. There are also models for smaller / petite users. 

Seat Options: A seat can be very helpful if you need to rest frequently. Most 4 wheeled rollators come with a seat, however some 3 (tri) wheeled models don't. Brakes are important when using the seat. 

Standard or Bariatric (heavy-duty): Weight limits vary between different brands, and models. Generally you will need a heavy-duty version if you weigh over approx 120kg. 

Additional Options and Accessories: Some models come with a basket, under seat storage or bag which is handy shopping and storing personal belongings.