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Romedic Easy Slide - All Sizes / Models Available

by Romedic (SKU DHG-1020_1)

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The Romedic Easy Slide is available in a range of sizes for a variety of different uses:

  • Easy Slide 190cm x 60cm  - For lying / supine transfers
  • Easy Slide 50 x 60cm, 50 x 70cm and 25 x 60cm - Ideal to use for positioning in bed and for sitting transfers 
  • EasySlide 100 x 70cm - For users who require some care / support when turning, especially on rough surfaces
  • Easy Slide 140 x 90cm - Designed for clients who have very limited mobility to participate in turning process and to assist carers
  • EasySlide 200 x 90cm - Provides extra padding to further reduce the risk of pressure sores

Easy Slide 190cm x 60cm

The 190cm x 60cm version is ideal for supine transfers, including to and from beds, x-ray tables, shower trolleys and stretchers etc.

This strong, durable and flexible product can also be used as an effective way to turn clients in bed or on x-ray / operating tables

  • Unique low friction inner surface reduces friction so that, with a very simple hand grip and minimum strength, the carer can transfer clients on practically any surface
  • Without unnecessary lifting, it provides a gentle, safe and comfortable transfer for the client and carer

Easy Slide 50 x 60cm, 50 x 70cm and 25 x 60cm

The smaller versions of this product are the perfect choice for turning clients in bed, positioning them higher up in bed or transferring clients from the bed to a wheelchair.

The EasySlide is designed to be a practical aid which promotes independence & encourages participation from the client. 

It allows for safer moving procedures for carers by eliminating unnecessary lifting 

EasySlide (100 x 70)

This version is a good choice for clients who require some care when turning / moving in bed. This model reduces the friction on both shoulder and hip, which in turn reduces the risk of pressure sores. It is very gentle for users in pain but also for the carer.

Easy Slide 140 x 90cm

the Romedic EasySlide (140 x 90 cm) is designed for normal-weight users with limited to severely reduced abilities to participate in the turning process. These users are often permanently confined to the bed, and it is therefore important to prevent pressure sores.

EasySlide (200 x 90 cm)

Similar to version above but comes with extra padding in order to further reduce the risks of pressure sores and is designed to distribute the pressure over the entire body and reduce friction. 

Other Sizes & Accessories

Other sizes, protective covers and wall racks also available - please enquire



For full specifications for each model please download the product brochure (PDF download)

  • Other sizes available- please enquire

Pictures are for illustration only and slight variations may occur

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