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Product Guide: Moving, Handling & Transfer Equipment for Older People

Older people and individuals with mobility impairments are dependent on caretakers. These individuals usually suffer from several conditions and have a low tolerance for any injuries. Great care must be taken when transferring them from one place to another, so as to prevent injuries. It is also very important to regularly shift them between different positions to avoid problems arising from immobility, such as bed sores.

Manual handling equipment is especially designed for this purpose. It enhances the transfer process for the person with disability and easier for the one moving them and with less chance of injury to either person. Use of this equipment restores their dignity, ensures safety, and reduces the hassle.

manual handling equipment

It is important for both people (but mostly the caretaker) to have adequate knowledge of usage of the transfer and to avoid accidents that may injure themselves or the person being moved, training should be done with an able bodied person.

You can practice commands or explain the step-by-step process to the person you are moving as you go about it, so they know what to expect or shift themselves accordingly. It’ll also make them more comfortable.

Let us discuss the variety of equipment available and how it can be useful.



Slidesheets are made of durable material that reduces friction when moving a person from one surface to another, or changing their position. It enables the caretaker to gently move the person, and saves them from having to pull or lift the individual. The frictionless nature of slide sheets speeds up the transfer. It is also comfortable for the individual being moved and saves them from friction injury.

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Large Slide Sheet / Romedic One Way Slide / Wondersheet & Wondersheet Plus

Transfer Boards

patslide transfer board
Transfer boards are used to moved someone around in a seated position, from chair to wheelchairs, or from wheelchair to car. Transfer boards with longer lengths are also available to move a person in a lying position. They are light-weight and often foldable to make them compact and more portable.


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mini stretcher

Stretchers are useful during rescue & emergency situations, or when transferring a patient who is, or needs to, in a lying position while traveling. A basket stretcher has raised sides which keep the patient safe when lifting, however flat mini stretchers (such as the one pictured) are more commonly used for transfers within a care facility, transfers to and from an ambulance stretcher, or to
assist with bathing.

These stretchers feature an inclined surface on one end to assist with water immersion, while also supporting them in either a sitting or lying position. The design of stretchers allow them to access medical baths and the larger width ensures safety during transfer.

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Romedic Mini Stretcher



Hoists are used for lifting and transferring people to help them do regular tasks much more safely. They’re used with compatible stretchers or slings to either partly or completely support the individual. It is helpful in getting dressed, relocating, washing, or simply getting out of bed, quickly and efficiently. Hoists are either attached to the ceiling, or are mobile with small wheels attached to them.


Wheelchairs are a common mobility aid, widely used in healthcare institutes, nursing homes, and private homes. Individuals with various health needs use wheelchairs for independent mobility. They eliminate the need for a caretaker to lift or help people to move around. Some individuals may still need a helper to push the wheelchair for them such as in a case of a paralysis. Wheelchairs have legrests, and arm supports, as well as back support for maximum comfort.

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Romedic Re Turn

Romedic Return

The Romedic ReTurn System is ideal for sit-to-stand transfers as well as rehabilitation such as strengthening and improving standing endurance. It comes with adjustable lower leg support to assist with standing for longer durations.

It has a brake locking system for added stability and security.  Its low ground clearance allows easy transfers without the individual having to lift the feet very high. There are feet markings for optimal positioning and weight balancing.   

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Romedic ReTurn

Transfer Belts

padded walking belt

A transfer belt is fastened around the individuals waist, and has handles for the caretaker to grip when transferring them. It prevents slip and enhances safety with a stable grip.

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Browse our range of transfer / walking belts 

Handybar (Car Transfer Aid)


The Handybar is a portable handle that can be lodged in the u-shaped striker plate in the car door frame. It acts as a supportive handle while getting in or out of the car without getting any modifications done to the car, and in absence of any built-in supportive handles. It also has a seat belt cutter and a window-breaker, in case one gets stuck inside the car.

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Swivel Seats and Chairs

swivel chair

A swivel seat is a rotating, padded seat that allows easy transfers in and out of the car.

A swivel chair is a complete piece of furniture that allows patient to rotate while sitting in place and it has a safety lock as well. Swivel chairs are usually used for showering. There are slots for water drainage. The leg tips are made of non-slip rubber to minimize slipping hazard.

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Swivel seat cushion / Swivel shower chair / Swivel bath seat

Transfer Seats / Bench

bath transfer bench

A Transfer bench is another useful tool for showering and bathing, with draining holes and curved back support. The sliding function of the seat allows easy transfer into bathing position. For maximum support and safety, there are anti-slide locks on each end of the bench, an integrated grab rail on one side, and a velcro lap belt on the seat.

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View our range of bath transfer benches

Assistance To Help People Stand / Sit-Up By Themselves

Some equipment is meant for independent use by individuals with mobility impairments, to help them get in or out of bed and transfer to a wheelchair and vice versa.

Romedic Flexigrip

romedic flexigrip

The Romedic Flexigrip is a long band with multiple padded handles that can be held upon to gradually pull yourself up, or lower yourself in bed. It can be easily attached to the bedrail with it’s integrated loop.

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Romedic Flexigrip

Bed Ladder

A bed ladder is a rope ladder with plastic ladder rungs for a firm grip. The cord at one end can be tied to the legs of the bed. It is compatible with both single or double bed. It is used to pull oneself out of bed. It can also help with wheelchair to bed transfers.

Pulling oneself out of bed using a safe equipment also serves as rehabilitation for individuals with disability. It strengthens the arm and core muscles, and allows independent mobility.

Mobility, Handling, and Transfer Equipment ensures the safety of disabled individuals as well as their caretakers.

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