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Are you worried about Falling? The read out tips!

Lifestyle Fall Prevention Tips:

In addition to the checklist, there are more things you can do to prevent dangerous falls. Below are some questions you need to ask yourself if you are determined to prevent falls. Each point that you answer YES to will decrease your chance of becoming a victim.

Do I exercise regularly?

Regular, moderate physical activity increases your muscle strength and balance. Your healthcare provider can provide an extra exercise program that’s right for you.

Do I follow a sensible, balanced diet?

Good nutrition results in higher energy. And for stronger bones, remember to include calcium and vitamin D if approved by your doctor.

Have I done a home safety inspection

Eliminate obvious hazards (such as poor lighting, throw rugs and clutter). Add safety modifications (such as grab bars nonslip mats and night lights).

Do I take extra care?

Take your time and think ahead, especially in new or unfamiliar places. When you rise from your chair, stand for a few seconds before walking.

Do I wear the right shoes?

Select sturdy, low-heeled shoes with rubber soles for traction. Make sure they are fitted properly.

Has my healthcare provider reviewed my medications?

Be sure to report all medications you are taking, both prescription and over the counter, so that your healthcare provider can assess the benefits and risks of each drug.

Have I discussed my fears with my healthcare provider?

Tell your doctor if you’ve experienced a fall, or if you’re having dizziness, balance problems or impaired vision. Balance classes, physical therapy or occupational therapy may be recommended to help you walk more safely and to get up correctly if you do fall.

Do I have a medical alert service?

Knowing that prompt help is available can give you the confidence to be as active as possible.

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