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Christmas Gift Guide for 2020

Christmas Gift Guide for 2020

Christmas rolls around again in what’s been a very different year with lots of change and uncertainty. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the challenge of buying gifts for our friends and family. 

You might opt for the safe option of their favourite chocolate and some socks…..again, or you could consider something a little bit different which can really provide benefit.

This can sometimes be a difficult task however and is easier said than done. If you know someone who has limited mobility or who has a disability, you could consider giving them a gift which could help them. Or why not treat yourself, after a difficult year, you deserve it! 

We've put together some great gift ideas to give you, or your loved one, a helping hand. Here's four of our most popular products people are purchasing as gifts in 2020:

1. Folding Walking Stick

folding walking stick

For people who use walking sticks, having a selection of sticks is always a great option for safety and convenience. It’s not always possible to have the same stick with you everywhere or even to remember to take it with you around the home. For people who live on 2 levels, it is often great to have a stick upstairs and downstairs to save carrying when using stairs or stair lifts. If you regularly have family or friends visiting, sometimes it is a great option to keep a spare stick at your home as well. 

Folding walking sticks are great for travelling – this cane handily folds in to 4 pieces to make storage and transport much easier. If the stick is only used when needed it can be easily put in a handbag or backpack.

This walking stick includes adjustable heights to make sure it is the right fit, a non-slip ferrule for safety and a gel handle which aids comfort and grip. This folding walking stick also comes with a plastic carry case for when it is not being used.

2. Reacher Grabber 

A reacher grabber is the perfect gift for someone who has difficulty reaching, bending or even gripping. This is great for people who have compromised lower backs and poor function of their upper limbs. It can help them to remain independent but at the same time reduce risk and let them remain healthy.

The reacher grabber is made of lightweight aluminium so it is strong but also easy to operate. Including a very light mechanism which allows for minimal effort when using and gripping.

The strength of the grip of this tool is reinforced by a rubber zig zag design on the jaws, so this helps to ensure safety when picking something up.

3. Handi Over Bed/Chair Table

This is a really practical over bed table for many people as it can be used in a variety of rooms for various things. The main function of the table – is in the name – as it easily goes over a bed or chair.

The handi table is primarily great for meal times when the option to sit at a table is just not convenient for the user. Wheelchair users can also benefit from this table. The table doesn’t just have to be used for eating but when getting washed, ready or it can be used with activities where a surface is needed such as crafts or games.

The table is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable using the wheels which have a built in lock function for safety. The table itself has a rubber lip to stop items slipping off the edge. Whilst it is a lightweight, the frame is made from durable steel and this table can be easily disassembled and packed for transport.

4. HandyBar – Transfer

Consider the Handybar if you know someone who is having difficulty with their transfers from a vehicle and just needs an extra helping hand. This innovative product assists people with difficulty standing up and sitting with increased safety and less effort required.

People who will benefit from this product are people who have recently had surgery to the lower limbs or back – it is important to note that good upper limb function is required toi place weight through the handy bar. People with long term lower back and lower limb problems will also find this product useful.

Cars and other vehicles can have very low ground clearance or low seating which means the transfer is made more difficult – especially for those who have compromised mobility. It is designed to clip in to the openings on all vehicle door frames to allow a secure surface to place weight through. The HandyBar also has a secondary function of being a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter for emergencies.

We hope that this blog has helped to provide some inspiration and information about potential gifts for Christmas. Breeze mobility has over 700 products on our website which are in stock currently.

We are proud to offer fast, efficient and free / discounted delivery Australia-wide, and our goal is to deliver your items as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost to you.

If you require any further information then you can browse products on our website or Contact Us for expert advice via email or telephone.

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