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Keep Warm / Cold Dish with Funnel

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Product Description

Healthy way of keeping food warm right to the last mouthful. Great for people who need extra time to finish a meal due to limited mobility in their arms/hands, as well as for children who are easily distracted.

Just open the cap and fill the chamber with hot water in the water reservoir. Your food will then stay hot longer

Scoop dish with raised back aids in loading food onto a fork or spoon to assist individuals who have difficulty when eating, particularly with one hand. Helps minimize food spilling

Transparent cover allows food to be seen clearly and helps retain heat

Water reservoir with cap, chamber and handles for easy carrying. Handles remain cool even with hot water in the water reservoir

Non slip silicone ring under the base helps prevent dish from slipping

Small funnel included

Can be dismantled into five parts for easy cleaning on the top shelf of the dishwasher. (NOTE: remember to take off the cap which only suits temperature under 80°C)

Alternatively, you can also keep your food fresh and cold eg. salad. Just open the cap and fill the chamber with cold water in the water reservoir. Your food will then stay cold longer.



DO NOT Microwave

Reservoir suitable for hot water under 70°C

Top shelf dishwasher safe (except for the cap - temperature tolerance under 80°C

Only fill and drain the water reservoir via the drain hole

DO NOT remove the plate which covers the water reservoir to fill with hot water when replacing the plate to avoid any accident

Ensure water is cooled down before cleaning.

Empty the water via drain hole before dismantling the reservoir and scoop dish to avoid being scalded.

DO NOT dismantle the cap when dish is being used. This is to avoid hot water spilling from the reservoir.


Cover: PP

Cap: TPR

Reservoir: PP

Scoop Dish: PP

Non Slip Ring: Silicone

Weight: 380g

Diameter: 215mm

Overall Size: 265 x 250 x 85 mm

Pictures are for illustration only and slight variations may occur

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