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Pressure Care Product Guide

Pressure care products are needed when the mobility of a person is reduced or limited, often occurring if they are confined to a bed or chair. This commonly occurs when there is prolonged pressure on bony prominences, such as the shoulders or buttocks. If left untreated, the person can develop pressure injuries, also known as bedsores. 

 With so many options, it’s hard to know what type of pressure care products are available. Depending on the user's own situation will determine what products will suit their needs. 

Pressure Injuries Products:

Bed Pressure Care

For those who are required to be in a bed for long periods of time, a bed pressure care product is ideal. A pressure-relieving mattress is designed to increase the comfort of a user who is at risk of pressure injuries while redistributing the pressure through a dynamic lying surface. Often available as a mattress or an overlay, pressure mattresses can also provide relieving air pockets around the body. 

 The Care Quip SAF Overlay is a machine-washable, bed overlay that arbours shock movement from the body. The pink memory foam moulds to body shape to provide comfort and relief from pressure. This product is also ideal for heavier patients in providing support from pressure injuries. 

Cushion Pressure Care

Pressure care cushions are an ideal choice for those who use wheelchairs, long-term use of lounge chairs and shower chairs. The weight distribution properties of a cushioned help reduce friction and pressure build up on the lower half of the body including the spine. Memory foam based cushions allow for blood circulation and spread the user's weight evenly. 

 The ROHO Mosaic Cushion is one of the most popular options for cushion pressure care. Designed with air flotation technology, this lightweight and the stable cushion is ideal for comfort and functional sitting. 

Bed Pressure CareHeel Protector Pressure Care

A heel protector is often a useful tool that can help prevent and manage pressure injuries around the heels and feet. Pressure-relieving deceives can help redistribute the blood flow around the body and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. 

 The Care Quip Heelift Suspension Boot is an ideal strap on boot that provides support for the foot, heel, and calf muscles. The foam wedge walls reduce pressure, while the handy velcro straps keep it in place. 

Elbow Pressure Care

If an individual spends a long period of time in the same position, they can develop pressure ulcers in high-pressure areas. A user's elbows can develop pressure injuries if they are in a chair for a long time. An elbow protector is designed to relieve pressure on more bony parts of the upper body. Often designed as padding, the secure placements can help reduce the risk of bedsores. 

 The Care Quip Elbow Protector is a silicone fibre pressure relaying pad that helps minimise the pressure of additional pressure points. The velcro strap allows the protector to stay in place, along with being tightened or loosen. 


Need Any Help?

If you are at all unsure about what pressure care products you may need, call our trusted product specialists for personal advice.

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