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  • Reacher Grabber Australia
    Reacher Grabber Tool
    Safety & Mobility

    Reacher Grabber

    from $43.00

    A firm favourite with our customers! Our Reacher Grabber is designed to assist those who experience difficulty bending or reaching.  Available in ...

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  • Save $15.00
    Safety & Mobility

    Shower Chair Back Cushion

    Original Price $175.00
    Current Price $160.00

    Waterproof cushion that is soft and comfortable. Can be tied in position to the back of the chair Easily wiped clean between patients

  • Save $20.00
    Safety & Mobility

    Repose Contur Acute

    Original Price $895.00
    Current Price $875.00

    Combines enhanced comfort with pressure area care. Repose Contur is a pressure redistribution cushion overlay for riser recliner chairs utilising t...

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  • Sale
    Safety & Mobility

    Repose Care-Sit

    from $780.00

    Repose Care-Sit is a unique cushion designed specifically for static chairs and general purpose wheelchairs for the prevention and treatment of pre...

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