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Christmas Sale : Special Savings on Mobility Aids for Seniors. Sale ends on December 22th! Click here to save!
Christmas Sale : Special Savings on Mobility Aids for Seniors. Sale ends on December 22th! Click here to save!
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Wenzelite Rehab - Trekker Gait Trainer

by Drive (SKU TK1000AU)
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Wenzelite Rehab - Trekker Gait Trainer

Wenzelite Rehab - Trekker Gait Trainer

The Trekker Gait Trainers offer varied levels of support for children who require assistance with walking.

  • Encourages early cognitive and learning development
  • Cardiopulmonary strengthening and conditioning
  • Reduces flexion contractures to enhance movement
  • Increases spatial awareness and head control to achieve independent ambulation
  • Teaches individual to take steps without assistance
  • The posterior and anterior models are each available in three sizes
  • Height adjustable in 2.5cm (1") increments to suit user
  • Can be used in the anterior and posterior position providing flexibility for the user
  • Locking mechanism easily switches wheels from swivel to non-swivel for greater control
  • Variable resistance to control the speed of the wheel™s rotation
  • Brakes to lock the wheels providing stability
  • Directional lever allows both forward and reverse mobility or only forward mobility
  • Junior & Youth Trekkers fold easily for storage and transportation
  • Accessories mount tool free onto the frame
  • Various optional accessories are available and can be removed or added according to the individual users needs and abilities

Trekker Walker Australia


1. HANDGRIPS Handgrips can be mounted anywhere on the handlebar and they are height adjustable and rotate. CODE: TK1045

2. FOREARM PLATFORM » Height & depth adjustable » Platforms can rotate, supinate and pronate » Handgrips extend forward and backward, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable » Can be mounted anywhere on the handlebar » Can be mounted facing toward the inside or outside of the handlebar for lateral adjustability » Contoured armrest with arm and wrist straps CODE: TK1035S / L (SMALL / LARGE)

3. ANKLE PROMPTS Used for patients with spasticity, poor motor control, ataxia and excessive adduction. Length adjustable, padded ankle straps maintain legs and/or feet in abduction and prevent scissoring. Spring clips control stride length. CODES: TK1060S (FOR TK1000) TK1060M (FOR TK2000) TK1060L (FOR TK3000)

4. HIP POSITIONER & PAD Height adjustable seat harness positions hip and pelvis and allows user to shift weight from one leg to the other. Shorten length of straps to assist in weight bearing or lengthen straps to use as a safety sling. Position of straps on handlebar will affect user™s pelvis position. Removable pad provides cushioned comfort. CODE: TK1070S / L (SMALL / LARGE)

5. TRUNK SUPPORT » Secures the torso at desired angle » Height, depth, width and angle adjustable » Padded for cushioned comfort » Stays open for easy transfers » Can be mounted towards the inside or outside of handlebar » Straps adjust the fit and the forward leaning and angle of the user » In its lowest position, can be used as pelvic positioner » Adjustments can be made while user is in the gait trainer CODES: TK1080S (SMALL) TK1080M (MEDIUM) TK1080L (LARGE)

6. THIGH PROMPTS » Height adjustable » Can be positioned further from or closer to the user to limit adduction/abduction » Moves with user™s gait pattern allowing weight shifting from one leg to the other » Prevents leg scissoring CODE: TK1090S / L (SMALL / LARGE)

7. HAND LOOPS The angle-adjustable hand loop can be mounted anywhere on the top bar of any size Trekker. It provides assurance and stability and can be used individually or as a pair. CODE: TK1010

8. GUIDE BAR The Guide Bar is mounted on the centre front of the top bar of any size Trekker. It can be rotated 180° to either pull from the front or push from behind the Trekker. It allows the therapist and caregiver to provide necessary assistance. CODE: TK1020

SEAT HARNESS Adjustable sling seat supports the user that cannot stand completely on their own. CODE: CE1070S / L (SMALL / LARGE)

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